The Portland Boat Show

Coming February 24th – February 27th, 2022 at the Portland Sports Complex in Portland, Maine

PRM Promotions has waited long as possible hoping to be able to bring you the 2021 “The Portland Boat Show “.
With the extension of restrictions related to the pandemic continuing we can no longer hold off on committing to the facility, advertisers, dealers, manufacturers, etc. We plan to return for spring of 2022.
In the meantime the boat market is extremely brisk! If you are in the market, we urge you to reach out to any of our wonderful Maine boat dealers as soon as possible, they are waiting to help match you with the perfect boat!

Portland Sports Complex is connected to Turf’s Restaurant & Bar.

This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event, it is CONVENIENTLY LOCATED, with plenty of FREE PARKING, and is early enough in the season with plenty of inventory to choose from!!